Monday, January 6, 2014

The Tortilla Curtain

By T. C. Boyle

Well... This book is something. I am quite ambivalent about it. On the one hand, it is very well written, thought provoking, and intense. On the other hand, it is intense. Keep-you-up-all-night-with-an-adrenaline-rush type of intense. I don't like watching movies that are this intense, and for the same reason, I didn't like reading this book. It just kept me up all night: I ended up getting a different book for bedtime, because this one just wouldn't let me sleep. It also made me read it when I was supposed to do other work. Also, the poor characters... they had no reprieve. Always horrible things happening to them. And I mean horrible! Gosh, I was so happy to be done with the book yesterday, now free to imagine the good things that happen to the characters. Not that it could be a happy ending, horrible things kept happening at the end, but at least, maybe, a slight change of luck?
As a side note, this book was published in 1995, but it felt VERY relevant and current. Has nothing changed in the past 20 years??? [355 pp.]

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