Thursday, February 9, 2012

Strand of a Thousand Pearls

By Dorit Rabinyan

It was weird reading a book that was translated from Hebrew in English. Seems like the translator did a good job, but I couldn't help re-translating it back to Hebrew. The book is okay. Not my favorite, but quite readable. I know a Hebrew teacher who was looking for an Israeli book that have been translated to English, and are less than 300 pp. long that would tell her students a little bit about what life in Israel is like. I thought about recommending this book for her class, but decided not too. They might think that all Israeli girls are obsessed with breasts... [272 pp.; finished on 5 days ago]

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Saturday, February 4, 2012


By Natalie Danford

An interesting book about a woman following her father's past and finding disturbing stories about what he did during the war. Apart for one confusing case of inconsistent telling of facts, I found the book very well written, gripping, and enjoyable. [224 pp., actually finished a week ago, just slow to post]

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