Thursday, June 15, 2017

When All The World Was Young

By Ferrol Sams

The third and last book in the trilogy that tells the story of Porter Osborne Jr. This book starts with his going to medical school at Emory, while WWII is getting into full force. He is torn between his studies and joining the army, while the army tells him they'd prefer to have him join as a doctor. Still, hearing about college friends who were forced to serve because their chosen career paths did not include medical school, he decides to flunk so he can get recruited. His training takes much longer than he expected, and he ends up in limbo for a while because of misplaced records, but finally, many days after D-Day, he lands on the shores of France, where he serves as a med tech in a field hospital. If college afforded him a chance of getting to know people from outside of his Georgia bubble, this new chapter expands his circle so much further.

This book was written more than a few years after the first two, and I did sense a bit of a difference. It is still very enjoyable, and often laugh-out-loud funny. [610 pp.]

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