Saturday, March 6, 2010

The World Without US

by Alan Weisman

Oh my goodness, what an interesting book! It made my breakfasts way longer than they should last, it just was so hard to put it down. The author does a great job pulling you in while feeding you a lot of information. Incredible. I learned so much from reading it, I felt like I had something interesting to say on a variety of topics, ranging from ant nest casts to suicides.
It also made me not want to get anything that has plastic or rubber in it, because those things will last forever (or until some microbe would evolve to use it for its energy). But that is simply impossible. We are so reliant on plastics now, there is absolutely no way of being part of civilization and not have contact with it.
I really liked the solution to the problem, and I wish people will start applying it. Basically, only have one kid per woman. In this way, the population will reduce dramatically over the next couple of decades, and with it the pollution and garbage accumulation. Sharks will reign the oceans again, and all will be well.

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