Friday, March 19, 2010


By Sam Savage

The design of the book made me pick it up at the library, but also, later, made me think that this book can not be good. It is a book about a rat who voraciously consumes - in both meanings of the word - books. There's an illustration of a very cute rat on the cover, and the side of the book looks like it's chewed up. A bit tacky, he? But don't let it discourage you from reading this heart-warming-yet-realistically-depressing book. It tells the interesting story of a rundown neighborhood in Boston, through the eyes of a rat who lives in the basement of a bookstore in that neighborhood. He is a very special rat - an intellectual, piano player, and a porn-movie watcher. Wonderful. [165 pp.]

[Beautiful illustrations by Fernando Krahn adorn the pages of the book]

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