Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Creation

By E. O. Wilson

This is a book written as a long letter addressed to a typical Southern pastor, arguing that the author and religious leaders, despite some disagreement do have something in common - they care about the creation. In order to save the planet the should overcome their disagreements and focus on the common.
I don't usually do it, but here's a couple of excerpts from the book that I really liked and would like to have on hand:

"There are still thinkers around the world, some in commanding political and religious positions, who wish to base moral law on the sacred scripture of Iron Age desert kingdoms while using high technology to conduct tribal wars - of course with the presumed blessings of their respective tribal gods" (p. 28).

"Scientists seldom make leaps of the imagination. Most, in fact, never have a truly original idea. Instead, they snuffle their way through masses of data and hypotheses (the latter are educated guesses to be tested), sometimes excited but most of the time tranquil and easily distracted by corridor gossip and other entertainments" (pp. 103-104).

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